Why and How

Our vision

An Australian charity sector realising its full potential to deliver world-class social and economic outcomes.

Our mission

To strengthen the strategic and financial positions of Australian charities, enhancing the great work they are already doing. 

Who we are

Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors is a pro-bono independent advisory service to the charity sector that aims to help charities and those running them to:

  • shape better strategy and business models,
  • manage risks well,
  • improve financial models and efficiencies ,
  • optimise sector structures and,
  • improve governance and transparency;
  • scale and innovate

We are social purpose enterprise of private sector global investment group Tanarra.  Our founder is John Wylie, investment banker and philanthropist.  Seed funding for the enterprise has been provided by John and Myriam Wylie.  We were founded in 2017 in response to a gap in the market for pro-bono/low-bono access to high level independent business advice for charities.

We aim to be self-sustaining with all income generated through our program re-invested in our purpose to continue our impact. 

We are governed by an Advisory Board of individuals who share a common belief in the need for ‘a fresh set of expert eyes’ to help charities overcome some of their strategic and financial challenges.

How we work

We use the commercial skills, ideas and innovations of some of Australia’s most experienced and successful investment minds to deliver practical, actionable and independent, high level advice to Boards and CEO’s of charities. 

We are a sounding board for challenges and ideas.  Read about some of our projects here.

Our values

  • Integrity – Delivering trusted and independent advice.
  • Understanding – Understanding and respect for our partners vision, values and passion.
  • Connection – Making high quality, beneficial contributions to the sector through collaboration and delivering actionable advice. Being valued partners.
  • Transformation –  Bringing a fresh perspective to charities and help facilitate innovation in the sector.

Who we support

We support Australian charities whose:

  • Requirements and needs align with our skills and expertise.
  • Board members and CEO are fully supportive of our engagement.
  • Leadership is proud to be publicly associated with us.

What we don’t do

  • Redesign programs or deliver reports – we are NOT management consultants
  • Provide financial donations or grants
  • Legal and Accounting
  • Fundraise or help with sponsorship proposals.
  • Social Return on Investment analysis.
  • Serve on charity Boards.
  • Social media or marketing strategies.

About Tanarra Group

Tanarra is an Australian family office investment and advisory firm with an excellent track record. Its principal is John Wylie, one of Australia’s well regarded investment bankers and investors.

Tanarra’s focus is on building genuine value rather than realizing near term returns and their approach is based around genuine partnerships and encouraging leadership teams to leverage Tanarra’s substantial experience to build market-leading organisations. Tanarra focuses on relationships and working together with management teams and fellow stakeholders to drive optimal decision making.

Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors will be aligned with the underlying principles of Tanarra’s approach described above and are committed to delivering transformative outcomes for the charity sector through the formation of partnerships based on integrity, understanding and connection.

For more information on Tanarra, visit their website here.